Themes for the Church’s Year

The Coming of Christ

Advent 1

The coming of the Lord

Advent 2

The hope of Israel

Advent 3

The forerunner

Advent 4

A God near at hand


God with us

Christmas 1

A new creation

Christmas 2

The children of God

The Revelation of Christ


Revelation to the gentiles

Epiphany 1

Revelation at baptism

Epiphany 2

Revelation in the childhood
of Christ

Epiphany 3

Revelation in Galilee

Epiphany 4

Revelation in transfiguration

Epiphany 5

Revelation in Jerusalem

Epiphany 6

The final revelation

Our Human Condition

Epiphany 7 (Septuagesima)


Epiphany 8 (Sexagesima)

Human frailty

Epiphany 9 (Quinquagesima)

The promise of redemption

Ash Wednesday

Self denial

Lent 1


Lent 2


Lent 3


Lent 4


Passiontide and Holy Week

Lent 5

The Cross - Passion Sunday

Lent 6

The Cross - Palm Sunday

Monday in Holy Week

Cleansing of the temple

Tuesday in Holy Week

Teaching in the temple

Wednesday in Holy Week

Anointing at Bethany

Maundy Thursday

The last supper

Good Friday

The crucifixion

Easter Even

The grave

New Life

Easter Day

Christ is risen

Monday in Easter Week


Tuesday in Easter Week


Easter 1

Christ our victory

Easter 2

Christ our shepherd

Easter 3

Christ our light

Easter 4

Christ our prophet

Easter 5

Christ our high priest

Ascension Day

Christ, risen, ascended, glorified

Sunday after Ascension

Christ, sovereign over all


The Spirit poured out

Trinity Sunday (Pentecost 1)

The holy Trinity

The Being of God

Pentecost 2

God’s love for us

Pentecost 3

God our strength and support

Pentecost 4

God’s righteousness

Pentecost 5

God’s call to us

Pentecost 6

God’s purpose

Pentecost 7

God’s work

Church – The Work of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost 8

The Church, the body of Christ

Pentecost 9

The holy Bible

Pentecost 10

Holy baptism

Pentecost 11

Holy communion

Pentecost 12


The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost 13

The gift of faith

Pentecost 14

The gift of hope

Pentecost 15

The gift of love

Pentecost 16

The gift of wisdom

Pentecost 17

The fulfilment of life

Pentecost 18

Fear of the Lord

Pentecost 19

Joy in the Lord

Pentecost 20

Prayer in the Lord

Our Life – Our Response to the Holy Spirit

Pentecost 21

Our lives

Pentecost 22

Our homes

Pentecost 23

Our neighbours

Pentecost 24

Our country

Pentecost 25

Our world

Christ and the World

Pentecost 26

Things of eternal worth

Pentecost 27

The two ways

Sunday before Advent


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