Marriage Liturgy
Second Form

The priest may greet the people

Welcome to you all.

Introduction and Declarations

The priest then says to the people

We have come together
to ask God’s blessing on N and N,
to witness their marriage
and to bring them our love and support.

I ask you now to pray for them;
and not just to pray today
or only in this place
but to pray in your hearts continually
and over the years.

It is praying, their praying and ours,
which will fulfil God’s purposes for N and N.
Praying is an outlook, a sustained energy,
which creates a marriage
and makes love and forgiveness life-long.

Eternal love never fails;
our love needs to forgive and be forgiven.
As we pray and forgive we minister reconciliation.
Those who marry are God’s ministers to each other
of reconciliation and change.
As they grow together,
wife and husband foster one another’s strengths,
they provide each other with the reassurance and love
needed to overcome their weaknesses.

From this beginning
God draws them now to a completely new life.
They become awake to each other,
aware of each other,
sensitive to each other’s needs.

The priest says to the couple

N and N, you are welcome.
Pray that God will uphold and cheer your life together,
that your promises be honoured,
your words true,
now and in time to come.

For our part we ask you to make your public declaration.

The bridegroom says

I love N,
and I want to marry her.

The bride says

I love N,
and I want to marry him.

The priest may say to the parents

N N, will you accept and support this marriage?

The parents respond

We will. May God bless you both.

The priest may say to any children of the bride or groom

N, will you help N and N in their marriage?

Children Yes, I will.

The priest may say

May God’s grace surround you
and keep you all,
and so we pray

The peace of God
which is beyond our understanding
keep guard over your thoughts and hearts.

God keep you friends with one another,
forgiving one another in kindness.

May you follow Jesus in happiness or suffering.
May hope keep you joyful.
Stand firm in trouble.
Be strong in prayer.

May God make you compassionate and brave.

Above all,
may there always be love
to bind and keep you whole.

The Ministry of the Word

A suitable reading (or readings) follows here or before The Prayers.

After the reading a minister may speak to the people.

The Marriage

The priest may pray

Jesus, do for N and N
as you did in Cana of Galilee.
Take the old water, their busy individual lives,
and turn them into gospel wine.

The bride and bridegroom face each other and join hands.

The bridegroom says

N, I take you to be my wife.
All that I have I offer you;
what you have to give I gladly receive;
wherever you go I will go.
You are my love.
God keep me true to you always
and you to me.

The bride says

N, I take you to be my husband.
All that I have I offer you;
what you have to give I gladly receive;
wherever you go I will go.
You are my love.
God keep me true to you always
and you to me.

The priest receives the ring(s) and prays

Christ our light,
encircle these rings with your blessing,
(a) ring(s) to show the love of N and N.
Bind them together
and keep them in your love eternally.

The giver places the ring on the other’s finger and says

N, this ring I give to you,
with my body I honour you.
God make me your true husband/wife
in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

The priest joins their right hands together and says

God so join you together that nothing shall ever part you.

Blessed are you, heavenly Father,
you give joy to bridegroom and bride.

Blessed are you, Jesus our Redeemer,
you have brought new life to us all.

Blessed are you, Holy Spirit of God,
you bring us together in love.

Blessed are you Creator, Saviour and Giver of life,
one God to be praised for ever. Amen.

The priest continues

N and N
may Christ’s love purify your love for each other,
Christ’s humanity keep you sensitive and practical.

May the Light of the world illuminate your way ahead,
the Bread of heaven nourish you,
the true Vine enliven you.

May Christ be the beginning
of a new, fulfilled and blessèd life,
and Christ the end.

The register may be signed here in the presence of the congregation.

The Ministry of the Word may follow here.

The Prayers

The service continues on page 796 with The Prayers and concludes with The Blessing on page 804.

When the marriage is part of a Liturgy of the Eucharist, directions are to be found on page 807.

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